Selling Checklist

Checklist for preparing to sell your home


  1. ____ Trim and fertilize, shrubs and trees.
  2. ____ Clear debris from lawn and the border of the home.
  3. ____ Plant flowers, depending on the season.  put a flowerpot by your front door.
  4. ____ Paint and/or clean the front door.
  5. ____ Make sure the garage door is greased and working properly.
  6. ____ Make sure paths and patios are clean and in good repair.
  7. ____ Freshen outside paint-sand and repaint and chipping or peeling areas.
  8. ____ Clean and paint windows & sills.  Replace any missing or torn screens.
  9. ____ Make sure the house address numbers are easily visible.
  10. ____ Replace stray or warped roofing shingles.
  11. ____ Straighten sagging gutters.
  12. ____ Repaint or replace your mailbox if it shows signs of wear.
  13. ____ Polish any door brass.  make sure the doorbell works properly.
  14. ____ Replace a worn doormat. 


  1. ____ Maintain a fresh environment.  No pet or food odors.  Use potpourri or air fresheners.
  2. ____ Keep house clean and tidy.  Put away any clutter.
  3. ____ Put fresh towels in all bathrooms.
  4. ____ Clean walls, doors and woodwork-no fingerprints.
  5. ____ Clean and organize counters.  Remove unnecessary appliances and other objects.
  6. ____ Clean all appliances, including inside, and have manuals/warranties on hand.
  7. ____ Repaint or touch-up where necessary.  Few things, for such a small cost, can enhance a home.
  8. ____ If you have any vivid or unusual colors on your walls, definitely repaint in neutral.
  9. ____ Straighten closets.
  10. ____ Make sure hinges and knobs are tightened and doors close properly.
  11. ____ Fix any leaky faucets or running toilets.
  12. ____ Consider hiring a professional cleaning service.
  13. ____ Clean and spot-treat all carpeting.
  14. ____ Polish wood floors and vinyl flooring.
  15. ____ Clean and organize the garage.


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